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Personalize your student's learning with one of our three models:


Course Credit 

If your student is looking to get credit for a course that they failed or were unable to complete through their regular school, we have a rigorous course recovery program to help them gain the needed credits to graduate. 

Full Time Student

We teach students (K-12) at our full time private school. This school uses both self written curriculum and Sylvan's curriculum to help your child succeed. 

The Academy is designed to meet and teach your child where they are academically, while setting them up to be successful in future higher education


Part Time or Dual Enrollment

Students are able to enroll in a University Model based schedule. This allows the students to come in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then complete their assignments independently on the other weekdays. Students must be functioning at least on grade level to sign up for this model.

We also allow students to participate in dual enrollment to gain high school credits that also count as college credits. This program is only available for students who are at or above grade level in reading and math. 


Old Book

Personalize your student's learning with one of our three models:

Open Books

Our Curriculum

Old Book

Our curriculum is one of the things that makes us different.

We utilize material from multiple sources, following the Georgia Standards of Excellence for each grade level. Supplemental materials are used to enhance all curriculum. In addition, we also utilize Sylvan Sync, Sylvan's tablet-based operating system for reading, math, and writing instruction. 


We require all students to complete the traditional core four, but we also offer electives like engineering, foreign languages, computer technology, programming, advanced reading, SAT Prep, ACT Prep, art, and music.   

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